Brochure Display Racks- A Beneficial Screen Medium

Display stands, whether for keeping promotion product or simply to keep things in order, add to the tidiness of any workplace or retail outlet. Take the case of business card holders for desk. Exactly what would you do if an extremely important service transaction can not be started because the business card of the contact has been lost? On the other hand you can keep your very own cards nicely stacked in a holder on your desk so that you do not need to look for them in front of a potential organisation partner. Business card holders for desk are made from clear acrylic sheets so that the card can be seen from across the table. It is a great method to market yourself too. These holders are offered in different sizes and can be clipped on to glass, metal or even brochure holders. They are readily available in both horizontal and vertical setups.

An acrylic brochure holder is a very effective way to keep your pamphlets. It is made from clear acrylic sheet and readily available in different sizes. It can be attached to a wall at a height that makes stacking or changing brochures extremely easy. Another design of a brochure display racks is one which has several acrylic pockets attached to a floor stand. This type of acrylic brochure holder is really beneficial for workplaces and stores as the sales brochures can be transferred to dense footprints areas.

You will get all these and far more when you shop online at Advertising Industries. It is tough to match their stock of store display screen products and shelving systems. From little business card holders for desk, acrylic brochure holders, wire mesh baskets and floor spinner racks for clothes, you’ll get them all. They will even create and establish racks and show stands as per your specific needs. Marketing Industries has actually been fulfilling and satisfying the requirements of their consumers from 1966. You’ll undoubtedly not be dissatisfied.

The main issue for an owner of a store, office or any other commercial facility is to get information about products and services across to a client quickly and effectively. One of the most preferred ways is to have colourful brochures neatly stacked within simple reach of clients who can then get all the information and concern a company decision. This is where attractive brochure holders play a crucial function.

The most common is an acrylic brochure holder. It is made from clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet and comes in numerous sizes and setups varying from small postcard size ones to that which can hold magazines too. The transparent sheet gives greater exposure to the pamphlets from all angles. The single pocket brochure holders can be placed on counters at stores or workplaces.

There are brochure holders that have several pockets in one set, yet are small enough to be put on a counter too. These are specifically helpful in stores and offices having a great deal of product or services each of which needs to be highlighted in different sales brochures. Clients can get all of them at one place without needing to look in a number of holders.

Instead of one acrylic brochure holder a number of them are connected to a stand. Another version is where a number of Displays & Holders ad frames are attached to all clear panels fixed to a wall.

If you are trying to find various types of brochure holders, you’ll certainly get exactly what you require from the substantial collection available at the online shop of Marketing Industries. We are a Melbourne based company specializing in item screen and publicity items. From a basic acrylic brochure holder to clothes stands and slatwall hooks and devices we have everything. Our experience in this field stretches back to practically 6 generations and our client portfolio consists of some of the leading names in Australian companies.

Business cards have been around for centuries and never go out of date. Today they’re more stylish and comprehensive than ever. We have an exceptionally wide variety of Acrylic Business Card Shows to put your sales force and company image in the spotlight. The many designs you see here are ideal for desktops and counter tops. And those unique, artistically in-depth cards we discussed earlier? We can highlight them with products like our Vertical Card Holders and Glass Green Card Holders that hold 65 cards with the greenish-tint appearance of genuine glass. Our Double Pocket Vertical provides an attractive appearance that stops passers-by, and we likewise offer Attachable Card Holders, giving you options for placement of the business card pocket itself in crystal clear acrylic.

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